More than just Mangoes and Beaches. A DIY Guimaras Island Itinerary.


It’s Thursday and we still don’t have any plans for the weekend and suddenly Fred mentioned that we can tour the island of Guimaras using a Mountain Bike. It’s quite an adventure since it’s been awhile since I rode a bike. Fred contacted Tommy, a professional biker from Guimaras who will be our guide in exploring the beauty of Guimaras and an appointment was set for Saturday, 8AM.
There was an unexpected delay that resulted rescheduling our 8:00 schedule with Tommy. We made quick changes in our itinerary and spent half of Day 1 at Iloilo City for coffee shop hopping. We Googled for Iloilo’s top 10 Cafe to be our guide discovering the City of Love’s haven for caffeine lovers. But luckily, when we checked out Book Latte I stumbled upon Mr Noy Dongor of Superhouse Iloilo, a supplier of coffee beans, syrups and everything about coffee and he offered to show us around the best coffee houses in town.
After our coffee shop escapade, we departed for Guimaras for our Bike Adventure. Below is a our itinerary, contact person and expenses for a 2 day trip to Guimaras.


12:00 – Boat from Ortiz Wharf to Jordan, Guimaras | P15.00
12:20 – Registration at Guimaras Tourism Office
12:25 – Tricycle from Jordan Port to Mountain Biker’s Hub (Or simply tell the tricycle driver that you are going to Tommy Colmenares Martir) | P40.00*
12:35 – Orientation for the next day’s bike adventure.
14:30 – Departed Tommy’s bound for The Pitstop for Lunch and to the Fishermen’s Community where we will spend our night. | P300.00* TO FISHERMEN’S COMMUNITY WITH PIT STOPS ALONG THE WAY
(The travel time from Tommy’s to the Fishermen’s Community is more or less 45 Minutes)
15:00 – Arrived at the tricycle drop off point for a 30 Minute trek to the shore.
(There are no grocery stores or rooms for rent at the Fisherman’s Community, only a small shanties of the locals and 1 common toilet/bathroom.)
16:00 – Enjoyed the beach.
19:00 – Dinner
22:00 – Lights out.

DAY 1 EXPENSES = 228.33/person excluding lunch at The Pitsop

I learned from Tommy that Guimaras is not just the Mango Capital of the Philippines but also the Bike Capital of the Philippines as well. He showed us photos of his previous clients and most of them are foreigners, he even got a client 3 weeks ago that has been a part of Tour de France. Tommy is already running this Bike Tour Business for 10 years now. I like how he handles his business because he as an owner puts a personal touch into it just like any business should do. Unlike other bike tours that I heard before that only assigns a guide for a specific number of clients. Tommy makes sure that he will personally be your guide for the whole tour.


6:30 – Start trek going previous day’s tricycle drop off point for our pickup going to Tommy’s | P250.00*
7:30 – Breakfast at Tommy’s | P70.00
8:30 – Final preparation and orientation
9:00 – Start of Bike Adventure |P500/BIKE AND P1000* FOR THE GUIDE
12:00 – LUNCH | P60.00
13:00 – Resume Bike Adventure
17:00 – Arrival at Tommy’s
17:30 – Tricycle to Jordan Port | P40.00*
18:00 – Boat back to Iloilo | P15.00
DAY 2 EXPENSES: P1,075.00
When we are on the road I can say that Guimaras is indeed the Bike Capital of the Philippines we met 2-3 groups who are riding their bikes and all of them knows Tommy. We had a lot of quick breaks through the 30 kilometer ride, almost every uphill we had
In one of our breaks we mentioned that we are not from Bacolod but from La Carlota, he then again mentioned that he has a lot of relatives at La Carlota and he reintroduced his full name as Tommy Colmenares Martir. He is from Bacolod and decided to settle down to Guimaras because he needs to take care of her mother who is living there. When we asked him if he is related to Angel Locsin Colmenares, he told us that Angel is her first cousin and that Angel’s father is her mother’s youngest brother.
Tommy has gone a lot of trips in the Philippines with his bike. He even mentioned that he already travelled to Luzon from Guimaras using only his bike and relied to Police Stations and Barangay Halls as his sleeping area while on the road. I even read an article about him where he said his bike is like a mistress.

Our hearts enjoyed the weekend but our body is already asking to hibernate. It was an amazing weekend we spent time with two amazing people namely sir Nonoy who gave us a tour at Iloilo and sir Tommy who has a deep sense of passion when it comes to biking. Both of them are awesome people and our word of thanks for them is not enough for the generosity they showed us.

Get in touch with Tommy:

Facebook Page: Guimaras TOUR Biking Rent/guide
Contact Number: 0949 364 0188
Location: Hoskyn, Jordan, Guimaras

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