My Coffee Journey

I started this blog with the intention of sharing my undying love for coffee. So i think it would be perfect if I start with my coffee story.

I am not sure if the word LOVE is enough to describe what I feel about coffee. But yes, I love coffee. Not just the aroma, the taste and not just the caffeine. My love for coffee is more about the hard work, love and passion of the people who are behind it and the moment I enjoy every time I have my Double Espresso, French Pressed Coffee or a cup of Pour Over Coffee in front of me (It depends on what time of the day it is).

My coffee story started when I was 15, I consider myself a late coffee drinker compared to my peers since they started to enjoy this beverage when they were 13. But before that, coffee for me is synonymous to my parent’s daily morning gospel reflection and their weekend movie dates in our living room. I can still remember the first time they asked me to prepare their coffee one Saturday afternoon, I can still go through the details but let’s just save that for future posts 🙂 . Maybe that is why Love is what I used to describe my undying interest for coffee, because since then I am surrounded with people who share their love with a cup of coffee in their hands. And you know what’s even sweeter? They share their java in a single large cup, They still do it once in a while. They are the sweetest couple I know.


Ok, I was 15 when I started drinking coffee. It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, I was at my grandfather’s coffee shop, it was not a fancy coffee shop. It was a traditional coffee shop where you can meet Tricycle and Trisikad drivers arguing about political views, about sports, cockfighting and other local trending news. Coffee was brewed by putting coffee grounds into a cloth filter (or a katsa which is a cloth used to pack flour) and boiled together with a large amount of water and kept into a thermos. I was waiting for the rain to stop since I have a school practice I need to attend. It took a while since the rain is so heavy so I decided to try and drink a cup of java and you know who’s the first person I told about my first coffee experience? The love of my life Ms Cyndy Agravante. I am very specific with details but this time I can’t remember the details of my first coffee experience because I was overwhelmed by the beauty of this amazing girl.


After that day coffee became an essential part of my daily routine, back then happiness in a cup only costs P7.00. I had a lot of unforgettable moments over coffee to name a few I remembered my good friend who ordered two cups of coffee and all of us laughed at him because for us coffee should only be taken once a day back then, I also had this moment, it was my first cafe experience, I was 16 at a coffee shop outside a movie house when I ordered Espresso (I ordered it since it is always on top of the menu board) and the Barista warned me that it was too strong for me and Espresso is only a one shot drink, afraid that I’ll be judged as a newbie by people falling in line behind me I answered that its okay and acted like I already know everything about espresso. When they called my name I grabbed the cup, added a sachet of white sugar and had a sip.

I can tell the Barista in front of me is enjoying her silent evil laugh inside her head when she saw my reaction. Well I deserved it, so far after almost 8 years that was the most embracing coffee experience I had.

I can say that without coffee, my life will never be the same. Everything gets better with coffee.

5 years after I discovered coffee I committed myself into doing something bigger than me. I always believe into Edmund Burke’s “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”. Remember my grandfather’s coffee shop? With the help of amazing people who surrounded me especially my parents who helped me financially, my uncle who has an amazing passion and talent for carpentry, my cousins who helped with the ideas for its interior, my other uncle who has an amazing commitment to serve, and my girlfriend who is always there when everything gets rough. It was transformed into something better and named it after my late grandmother who is one of my role model for patience, love and limitless understanding. Putting it up and maintaining it is more than just roller coaster ride, if I will describe our journey maybe a skydive would be a perfect comparison, a skydive with a malfunctioned parachute. Good thing we always have that giant trampoline. Putting it up is the most amazing thing happened in my career so far. I discovered a lot of things about this special beverage, met a lot of people who also dedicated their life for coffee and met amazing coffee farmers who enjoyed their childhood playing while hand picking coffee cherries every weekend of the coffee season so that they will have their allowance for school on weekdays. These people is one of the biggest reason why I love coffee and why I want to keep going. Yes the aroma and the flavor profile is important to        tell how good a cup of coffee is, but for me what more important is the stories of the people who are behind the cup. From the hands that planted the seeds up to the hands who enjoys and holds the cup of coffee.

Coffee is more than just a commodity. Coffee is more than its caffeine, taste and aroma. Moments over Coffee is a necessity for the soul.

(This blog was originally posted at my Weebly blog last February 23, 2016)

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